A black and white photograph of a young woman holding her index finger to her lips to say, 'Shhh'.

Answers built on listening

Hello, my name is Stuart Wilson and I am The CD Whisperer, a multi-disciplined Creative Director with over 15 years experience in brand communications, digital marketing, and customer experience. I work in sympathy with the needs of the Executive Creative Director and Chief Creative Officer, solving problems through listening and making their lives easier. I search for the truth and meaning underlying everything. I’ve learned the very basis of problem-solving is listening to all the requirements enough to triangulate the signal that signposts the answer. My job is to hear what isn’t said by reading between the lines, not only listening to the words but more importantly the feeling because opportunity knocks very softly. Brands thrive on their ability to be understood, people do too.
Listening leads to answers.

From there to ear

I was born in Bradford, West Yorkshire in the UK. I now live in St Albans, Hertfordshire with my wife Bel and my two children, Isla and Oscar. We also have a cat called Che and a dog called Olive. In my spare time I watch or play football. I graduated from The University of Westminster in 1996 with 1st Class Honours in Graphic Information Design. My sense of mission began post graduation while working at Apple in California at the age of 24. Designing products using digital technology was how I envisioned my career and my first professional role was at AKQA in London.

The sound of my personality

Admittedly I’m a deep thinker. I have an enquiring and energetic mind which has always been highly analytical, highly conceptual and highly insightful. I have a genuine passion and enthusiasm for creativity which colleagues tell me is inspirational. I’m a dedicated and dependable team player with great integrity, loyalty and reliability. I’m always patient, generous and open to help and share my knowledge. I have a good sense of humour and I’m easy to get on with because I’m warm, caring, mature, honest and very thoughtful. And having said that, according to one of my references, I have an ego I could comfortably fit in my pencil case.

I listen with the intent to understand

Interesting ideas and innovation happen when observations are brought together in dynamic ways. I’m motivated to uncover the dots that are connected to create new combinations. I think and connect things within two domains of creative strategy; to assemble stories that touch emotions to persuade, or to build utility that is understood and satisfies a need through positive experience.

Listen with your brain, ears, eyes, heart and gut

I have a wide range of natural and accumulated skill sets. I can create or provide vision and I can help you realise your vision. That’s because my creative brain can perceive things that are invisible to most people. I can take quantum creative leaps. I can help you speak many media languages. I’m comfortable dealing with complexity and overseeing multiple projects. I can communicate verbally or with a marker-pen. I can present confidently to both the team and with clients. I pride myself on my commercial judgement of knowing great work over just good work. And if you need me to, I can turn your creative culture around in less than 6 months. 

Listen, understand, innovate

As a digital native I’ve always been a self starter, eager to take on new challenges and early adopt. Right from the outset, I’ve had a strong understanding of how web related emerging technologies work. Always a collaborator with the ability to work with technical teams including data and analytics - both drivers and effects, although I am a believer that mindsets and behaviours beat demographics. I think critically about technology.

The best way to understand people is to listen to them

I have unshakeable values and uncompromising personal integrity. I hold myself to incredibly high standards because I have the courage to care for all projects, irrespective of size or budget. Put simply, everything I create is about a labour of love. Yes, I’m enthusiastic. Yes, I’m a passionate driving force. Yes, I’m attention-to-detail oriented. But at the same time I’m open minded, democratic and aligned to the development of strong effective partnerships that bring the best out of other people, allowing me to grow too. So I’m balanced, I follow line management and collaborating with other departments really matters to me.

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