Nick Cooper - Executive Creative Director McCann 

Stu Wilson is a passionate Creative with a drive to deliver. He gets under the skin of a client brief whilst making sure he fully understands the client’s expectations and deadlines. Stu is able to assist with the strategy, evolve the brief and ensure the creative is well executed. Stu worked alongside the Production team to ensure the right photographers, CGI artists, illustrators etc. were cast for the job whilst providing Art Direction against each brief. Stu understands the digital arena and how all creative ideas should always link into the overall brief. Stu is an experienced Senior Creative who is confident in his ability and focuses on getting the job done. He is delivery driven and does not shy away from a challenge.

Ringo Moss - Managing Partner McCann - Global Strategy

We initially hired Stu for a 3 month contract after a huge global client win. We needed to hit the ground running on our first project; the global launch of a new product in 46 markets, with only six months to deliver it. Stu was an invaluable addition to the team from day one and we went on to twice renew his contract with us. In often trying circumstances, with huge briefs and tight deadlines Stu’s systematic, uncompromising and relentless approach has helped shape the culture in the team he has left behind him at McCann. Stu’s a bit of a polymath, turning his hand to strategy and creative, conceptual and executional, thinking and (crucially) doing. His often-bold vision creates a momentum within teams that delivers brilliant ideas and inspires the people who work alongside him. Put simply - he gets sh*t done, and done well. Above all, Stu is a real gentleman and a bloody nice bloke to be around and work with.

Mark Prime - Content Creative Director McCann

You need this guy on your team. He's got a bit of everything. Strategically driven with a dynamic creative brain to match, he's got a lot of bases covered. Digitally, he's all over it. Chuck in a tremendous work ethic and the will to get things done within a framework, or by creating you a brand spanking new one and he's one of life's essentials. He's a nice fella too. He'll make a difference.

Graham West - Senior Copywriter McCann

A first class CD, Strategist, Presenter, Thinker, Art Director, Designer and Motivator. Stuart has great vision that sweeps the team along with him. He has a wealth of up-to-date knowledge that opens minds and inspires. He produces work that gets results. Plus, he's smart, funny and honest - a pleasure to work with.

Alicia Chapman - Senior Creative Artworker & Designer McCann

I had the pleasure to work with Stuart on a new product launch campaign at McCann Central. It was a huge project, with a very large team and Stuart was at its core. Details within the brief changed a number of times (as they do) but Stu was able to action the necessary changes throughout the creative team to ensure that we still meet our deadlines. Stuart has an amazing way with words (I've never met anyone like it!). He is able to verbalise ideas in his head in such a unique way that you have no problems understanding his creative direction and how it needs to be visualised/executed. Stu is also a great sounding board for bouncing ideas off and I'd love the opportunity to work with him again on future projects/bookings.

Rosemary Winsor - Designer McCann

Stu Wilson is a true expert in his field. He comes with plethora of knowledge and insight in creative strategy and creative direction. He has in-depth knowledge and understanding within advertising which is dazzling. It has been my pleasure to work with Stu on numerous projects at McCann and he has never ceased to surprise or delight the people he works with and clients. He always brings something special and unique to the table that generates excitement and expectation, but also able to throughly explain the thinking behind an idea and the process. Stu has the ability to enthuse and inspire people and projects.

Ricardo Figueira - Digital Executive Creative Director JWT

Stuart is one of those lovely people that put the whole mind and heart into whatever he does.

Nick Moore - Creative Director TBWA\GGT

Stuart is highly conceptual and very thoughtful. He always looks at the big picture, rather than just focusing on the immediate task and pushing pixels. That being said, he is also technically skilled and has immense experience in both the hosted and adserved environments. He is an idea machine.

Jeremy Garner - Executive Creative Director Hiveworks

Really enjoyed working with Stuart. He's got a thorough strategic understanding of bigger client issues and objectives as well as a very fluid approach to ideas. Would be great to work with him again someday!


Paula Jago - Director of Operations Fullsix

Stuart is an extraordinarily unique creative talent. He is extremely passionate about his work and it shows in the detail. I loved working with him and hope to do so again in the future.


Dave Evans - CTO Somo

Stuart joined Somo as creative director, and made an immediate impact with winning pitches to both new and existing businesses. Stuart is an articulate, passionate and dedicated member of the team extremely motivated to produce excellence. Unusually Stuart also has a drive to bring people around him on the creative journey, educating and mentoring such staff, creating a general improvement in the team output. I personally enjoyed working with Stuart both in the creative process, and as a team member, as he thinks deeply about the challenges and always proposes solutions. I would highly recommend Stuart in a senior creative role.


Anna Jewes - Brand Guardian and Senior Copywriter TBWA\GGT

I would describe Stuart's art direction as lateral, intelligent, inspired and professional. His biggest strength in my opinion is his unique blend of skills: a talented 'proper' art director with a real gift for digital communication. I didn't observe any weaknesses during my time working with Stuart, just a genuine passion for doing the best work.


Ben Rickard - Head of Mobile JWT

I've had the pleasure of working with Stu on client work, pitches and within a start up environment. He's a mobile first creative who instinctively gets the importance of mixing ideas, design and user behaviour - a rare combination. I would highly recommended his work and he's great guy to have on your team.


Simon Morrison - Design Director Cygnus

I had the pleasure of working alongside Stuart, sometimes into the night, on a pitch for Bridgestone Tyres. We got quite close as you do in our industry especially on the deep dive projects. I could sense his pedigree not only in his education and experience but also in his insight and ability. A deeply caring, mature and astute designer. Members of the agency were captured by his craft, most of them virgin to his research, analysis and synthesis approach. I haven’t seen a better verbal and marker-pen communicator in years. His ideas are grounded in strategy and fused in tech - you could tell this was an area of passion. When we got around to colouring in, the Art Director hat came on and from what I could see from the effort of others around him, he wasn’t any less inspiring. Biased? Nah. Respect where respect is due.


Ross Cockrill - Copywriter ZAK

Stu is the most strategic and straight-talking leader I have ever worked under. The most daunting of projects instantly seem more achievable with him at the helm. He'll back his team every time, confident that if common sense is applied throughout, and no one panics, they'll always arrive at where we need to be. This confidence is infectious, not to mention a calming influence on everyone involved. The other thing Stu brings to a project is clarity. He is extremely methodical, planning the structure of many working sessions in advance. This sounds restrictive, but it's the complete opposite of that in reality. By taking ownership of the overall journey the project team are on so effortlessly, everyone else is left free to focus purely on coming up with ideas, which come a lot more readily as a result. And when great ideas are hatched, Stu is always the first to give credit where it's due. Which is testament to how egoless and down to earth he is. Top bloke, basically.


Garreth Carter - Senior Creative ZAK

Of all the CD's, ECD's I've worked with over the years Stu is the best at discovering the right idea. His technique to do so is by taking a team on journey that leads you to a robust idea that is able to flex. Extremely strategic, his technique is to be is the guardian of that journey but he lets the input of the team write each chapter. This results in egoless ideas that blossom into something that is multifaceted yet singularly brilliant and no one even remembers who gave birth to the initial thought, which is indicative of the sense of collective ownership of work he instils in the team. An eye opening process that once delivered feels like a must do approach for all holistic 360 modern advertising.


Victoria Crump - Copywriter JWT

Dynamic, driven and a true digital evangelist, Stuart is a visionary who takes quantum creative leaps, developing award-winning work that doesn't just dazzle, it defies boundaries. He's breathtaking in his brilliance - and he really does have it all. From blinding intelligence and creativity to illuminating insights that light up new possibilities in ways you'd never have imagined. Stuart gets extraordinary results even from ordinary briefs because he approaches every brief with exceptional passion, attention to detail and a steely determination to push the limits of any media. Inspired and inspiring, Stuart's also a joy to work with: a team player of great integrity who injects his trademark warmth and humour into every job. He's also a great mentor and manager of people, and has Creative Director written all over him. In short: Stuart's a rare digital star - grab him if you can.


Daniel Simpson - Copywriter Yes&Pepper

We got Stuart in for a couple of weeks to help out on a pitch. Stuart worked in a team with myself. He fitted in from the very first minute of the very first morning, was really easy to get on with and, despite being a few years my senior (sorry Stu) and with some big names on his CV, had an ego he could comfortably fit in his pencil case. Although we didn't win the pitch, we produced some work I am incredibly proud of and would definitely recommend Stuart to anyone who is looking for a talented art director who doesn't mind putting in the hours when the poop hits the propeller.

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